Guide to use of FAS


1- Download the FAS app from Google Play with manual alphabetic search and install FAS (Yellow FAS icon)

2- The first operation to be performed is to enter the user's credentials. In the main screen (Fig.1) click on the SETTINGS button, the Settings window will be shown (Fig. 2)


FAS Main Screen
Fig. 1 – Main screen
FAS Settings Screen
Fig. 2 – Settings
FAS Settings Screen
Fig. 3 – Shutter button


3- For new users, you need to register by clicking on the NEW ACCOUNT button, the FAS website will open and proceed with entering the identification data. With the new automatic registration, 5 free acquisitions are available immediately.

4- After registration, enter the App and always in the Settings window enter the login credentials (e-mail address and password), then click on SAVE AND EXIT and then start the acquisition.

5 - In the main window of the App it is advisable to indicate a Case ID in order to be able to search more easily the acquisitions made. As Case ID you can use any alphanumeric character up to a maximum length of 16 characters (for example you can indicate the RGNR procedure number or your sequential practice number).

6 - To start capturing the screenshot press the START CAPTURE button (allow any access required by the device in use).

7 - When the FAS App is in capture mode, the shutter-release button (Fig. 3) appears and can be moved to the desired position on the screen so as not to cover the screen to be scanned (for example on a blank part of the screen or on the part of the sheet, (the shutter button is also imprinted in the photo of the screenshot).

8 - To save the screenshot touch the shutter button, it will turn yellow and start the acquisition, during the acquisition phase the main window of the FAS App will be reopened and in the lower part appear messages indicating the operations in progress. The acquisition ends when the message ACQUISITION COMPLETED SUCCESFULLY appears.

9 - The check of the local acquisition is performed by opening the folder in which the files were saved by clicking on the OPEN FOLDER ACQUISITION button.

10- The verification of the acquisition on FAS Server (necessary for legal use) is performed by clicking on the GO TO ACQUISITION SERVER button and entering the access credentials.

11- To continue with the next acquisition, go back to step 6.